Ruta de Senderismo: SM.02 Ruta paseo fluvial de Carregal

This route encompasses the river promenade next to the Carregal River as it passed through the town of Teixeiro (Curtis). It is a simple route suitable for all audiences with a particular beauty under the passage of the riverside forest located on flat terrain in the upper river basin.

It is located near the “Centro de Interpretación dos Valores Etnográficos do Mandeo”, where you can visit a permanent exhibition with a modern and interactive museumography put at the service of the visitor who through experimentation and observation will be able to learn things for himself about the values that define the area and the river basin of the Mandeo River.
For more information and visits: 981 789 589 or

The Teixeiro Visitor Center follows a dual function: training, welcoming courses and workshops in its classrooms; and dissemination through the interpretation center, in which using the river as a common thread values the cultural and ethnographic heritage of the entire Mandeo basin.

Longitud: 1,77 km
Dificultad: Easy
Mirador da Espenuca
Viewpoint towards the Mandeo river canyon shortly before joining the Mendo river in the Betanzos estuary.
Area de Lecer de Beche
Área de lecer de Beche
A space reserved for leisure in the town of Abegondo.
Área de lecer de Reboredo
In the middle of a lush vegetation of pines, eucalyptus, oaks and ameneiros, the area allows fishing and swimming by recreating a natural pool with water dammed from the river.
Area de Lecer de Chelo
Área de lecer de Chelo
Here you can learn everything about the species of flora and fauna in the basin, how a mill works and the different uses of the water.
Monte Xalo
Is a unique place to go hiking, walking or cycling.
Sobrado Lake
This artificial lake, which today blends in perfectly with its natural setting, was built by the monks of the nearby monastery between 1500 and 1530.
Ria do Burgo and Santa Cristina beach
Oriented from south to north and formed by the mouth of the river Mero.