Petróglifo de Pena Furada

Is a Galician-Roman cave sanctuary.


Pena Agujereada is located in the parish of Santa Marina de Lesa, on a hill 280 meters away between the Mandeo and Mendo rivers, and it has extraordinary views and a remarkable sunlight incident.

In the Galician-Roman cave sanctuary, which is delimited by perimeter walls, the main element is the presence of the Moor, an anthropomorphic figure that represents a female figure endowed with volume and in which its vulva stands out fundamentally, which could represent fertilization in the symbolic world of the Iron Age and more specifically could be related to the goddess Navia. Next to the Moorish we find a quadrangular font for making offerings. The figure is oriented to the west, so that at noon is when it can be best appreciated, being almost hidden at sunset.

Later, the sanctuary was Christianized through the church of Santa Marina de Lesa, very close to the place, about 800 meters away, and also strategically oriented.

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Petróglifo de Pena Furada