Pazo de Mariñan

Historical Artistic Ensemble of Baroque style (18th century)
Mariñan, Bergondo


The pazo and its gardens have been a historic-artistic and monumental site since 1972, but its history goes back a long way: in the 15th century Gómez Pérez das Mariñas had a defence built on this site.

Initially known as “Pazo de Bergondo” and currently owned by the Deputación da Coruña, Mariñán is one of the mandatory destinations for any visit to the Mariñas Coruñesas e Terras do Mandeo Biosphere Reserve.

And not only for its extraordinary architecture, but also for the infinity of trees and monumental hedges that make up its gardens… and that they are home to numerous species of birds!

Cómo llegar

Pazo de Mariñan

Deputación da Coruña
981 777001
673 050 399 (visitors)