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Dexo-Serantes coast

Listed as a Natural Monument and under the protection of the European Union’s Natura 2000 Network as a Special Area of Conservation (SAC), this 270 hectares cliff top coastline situated between the mouths of A Coruña and Ares-Betanzos rias is a core area of the Biosphere Reserve and one of Galicia’s greatest natural treasures. The …

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O Burgo ria

Oriented in a south-north direction and formed by the mouth of the River Mero, the ria takes its name from the parish of the same name, located in the municipality of Culleredo. The shallow waters have a silty, sandy bed, in some areas covered with patches of marshland that attract numerous waterbirds that rest there …

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Mero riverside walk

There is a pleasant walk from the vicinity of the Abegondo – Cecebre reservoir dam to where the River Mero flows into O Burgo Ria. You can walk along either side of the river along paths that are almost always shaded by well-conserved woodland. The full route, some 10 km in length can be completed …

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Costa da Égoa mills

Nestling in the stunning Barcia valley, this route follows a path that takes you past the Costa da Égoa Eco-Museum, featuring fourteen mills and a small hydroelectric power station, declared a Natural Space of Local Interest (ENIL in its Spanish initials) by the regional autonomous government (Xunta de Galicia), the result of an initiative launched …

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Abegondo-Cecebre reservoir

This reservoir was constructed in 1976 at the confluence of the rivers Mero and Barcés in order to supply the city of A Coruña and its metropolitan area. Surrounded by large expanses of woodland and open fields, this Special Area of Conservation (SAC) covers some 529 hectares and is part of the EU’s Natura 2000 …

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Pazo de Mariñán manor house

This manor house and its gardens have been an artistic and monumental site since 1972, although their history dates back to far earlier times. In the 15th century, Gómez Pérez das Mariñas commissioned the construction of a fortress on this site. Originally known as ‘Pazo de Bergondo’ and currently owned by A Coruña Provincial Council, …

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Sada beach and meadowlands

Located in the centre of Sada itself, these natural spaces make a visit to this town a must for all birders.

Miño beach and marshland

The marshlands nestling at the mouth of the River Baxoi, in Miño, are home to an outstanding range of bird species. Situated behind the large expanse of sand dunes close to the town, they are mainly covered by inaccessible reed beds and sand and intertidal mudflats. Included in the Betanzos-Mandeo SAC, and therefore also in …

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Souto Observatory

Nestling on the east shore of Betanzos Ria, the Souto Bird Observatory affords spectacular panoramic views of the right bank of the River Mandeo estuary, just before the mouth. Vast expanses of reed beds and halophilic meadows, crisscrossed by a host of channels, from one of Galicia’s largest coastal marshlands, included in the European Union’s …

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