Cisne vulgar

Bird with a long neck and completely white plumage. It has short and strong black legs, as well as an orange bill with black edges and a large bump, also black, at the base of the upper jaw.

The young are brown-grey and with a grey bill. They acquire the ultimate plumage of the adult in the second winter of life.

Ficha técnica

ORDEN: Anseriformes
FAMILIA: Anatidae
ESPECIE: Cygnus olor
LONGEVIDAD-AÑOS: approximately 7
PESO: 9 to 13 kg
ENVERGADURA: about 208-238 cm
LONGITUD: 145-160 cm approx.


They prefer lagoons and low flowing rivers with banks in which tall herbs grow. In winter you can see near sea coasts.

Rutas ornitológicas donde los podemos observar

SM.01 Ruta BTT Cova da Serpe
SM.02 Ruta paseo fluvial de Carregal
SM.03 Ruta BBT Serra da Loba
SM.04 Ruta Val de Cambás
SM.05 Ruta Veiga do Mandeo
SM.06 Ruta da Veiga do Mandeo a Xielas